1. romamehta

    Summary by Mark Caltonhill, June 2012

    Awesome! Without the MC ever banging the gong, Red Roomers controlled their urge to ramble this month, everyone limited their contributions to 5~10 minutes, and ALL those who wished read, recite, sing or play were given the chance, and one or two people even took the opportunity to read again....
  2. romamehta

    Mark Caltonhill, May 2012

    Mark Caltonhill performed an extract from his poetry/stand-up routine, including the following new sonnet on one downside of aging: Who will rid me of these meddlesome hairs, sprouting ungodly from within my ears, so dark and flagrant while all around greys, yet hidden from my presbyopic eyes? “Excuse me, not...
  3. romamehta

    Mark Caltonhill, March 2012

    Inspired by a fellow Red-Roomer who said she loves 7-Eleven–since not only can she buy every meal there, but also order pretty much anything else, right up to and including a vibrator–Mark Caltonhill (a.k.a.. Malarkey) sang his latest composition: Heaven, I’m in Seven, with its drink and groc’ry choices quite...
  4. romamehta

    March 2012, Red Room

    Red Room March 17 was one of the best ever. OK, if this is too subjective, perhaps I should say that it was one of my favorites in the two-and-a-half-year history of this creative gathering. This is because most contributions were original, self-created and self-read. Most were also short, thereby...
  5. romamehta

    Mark Caltonhill, February 2012

    世界雙關語遊行日 Short of poetic inspiration lately, Mark Caltonhill apologized for only having “light verse” to offer this month. He read his most recent composition, “The Day My Legs Turned to Lettuce,” based on a dream in which he was chased down the street by a flock of sheep; followed by...
  6. redroom2011

    Mark Caltonhill, January 2012

    Time is not on our side, our subconsciouses know this so they try to hammer love out of like or lust and sometimes even hate, striking metal against metal late into the night, we no longer see what we are doing the blind leading the blind, teacherless, like infants discovering...
  7. redroom2011

    Mark Caltonhill – Things Known, November 19, 2011

    Mark Caltonhill’s recent poems are all available on his blog: www.aviewfromthehill-taiwan.blogspot.com and earlier than that, are available in his first collection: “Malarkey’s Amusement Park”; NT$220 to Red Roomers) Things Known Before he sits to eat, Jesus knows he will be betrayed. ….Copernicus knows the earth is round, ….Darwin knows there...

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